Top 10 Best Traditional Afghan Food Recipes (2021)

Top 10 Best Traditional Afghan Food Recipes (2021)

Are you one who wants to taste traditional afghan food recipes? There is no doubt Afghanistan is not a well-developed country but their food recipes really surprise you, once you taste the traditional afghan food recipes, you never forget their taste in your life, really they are amazing and delicious.

It is very true Afghani people really welcome their guests with huge respect and offer the best possible traditional afghan food recipes for you. Afghanistan food is mainly a blend of three countries’ culture and inspired by Iran, Mongolia & India. This is the reason why afghan dishes are aromatic and rich in taste.

If you are a food lover or plan to visit Afghanistan in near future and want to know about what are the best traditional afghan food recipes then you are coming to the right place, here you find a list of some best traditional afghan food recipes.

Top 10 best traditional afghan food recipes list:

1.Sheer Khurma:

Sheer Khurma

It is also spelled as sheer khorma also called a traditional Muslim breakfast or used as a dessert. Milk, dates are used as the main ingredient, it is very referred to as a festive dish while Eid or Ramadan.

While making Sheer khurma you can add dates, rose water, whole milk, sugar, vermicelli, and saffron according to your taste or needs. You must try this beautiful dessert once at home.

2.Aushak :


It is a very famous afghan traditional recipe which also know pronounce as ashak is most commonly served on any festival or any special occasion.

This afghan cuisine is made up of pasta dumplings filled with chives and served with meaty tomato sauce topped with dried mint & yogurt. It is a very spicy recipe but you can add spice according to your need.

3.Kabuli Pulao:

Kabuli Pulao

Kabuli pulao or Qabili palaw is also known as the national traditional dish of Afghanistan which is mainly used as a main course in breakfast & dinner.

Steamed rice, raisins, carrots & lamb, or beef meat are used as the main ingredients. This traditional dish is traditionally placed between the center of the other dishes while serving on the food table.


It is also known as periki or Poraki, which commonly a flatbread filled with vegetables like a mixture of potatoes, pumpkin, lentils & leeks, fried or baked until crispy and served with yogurt & mint.

It is most commonly made up during birthday parties, events, or any special programs.

5.Afghan lamb kebab:

Afghan lamb kebab

It is a very famous traditional nonveg food of Afghanistan, that takes a little more time while preparation but its taste is awesome. It is a slow-cooked kebab dish that is traditional made from sheep meat that is marinated from a specific period of time & later roasted or barbecued in an open fire and served with Afghani green sauce.

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6.Gosh e-fil:

Gosh e-fil

Gosh e-fill is one of the most favorite desserts in Afghanistan.It is called with different names like Gosh feel, gush e-fil that looks like the shape of an elephant ear. In this dessert dough, powdered sugar, egg, milk& pistachios are used as the main ingredients.



It is also called ash,aash that is a very popular soup dish in Afghanistan. The simple means of aush dish is a thick soup. In this hot soup recipe noodles, vegetables, broth, Chaka, turmeric are used as the main ingredients.
You can add lamb, beef, or chicken, or yogurt according to your taste.



Lavash is traditionally baked thin bread recipe of Afghanistan which commonly baked in Saji or tandoor. Flour, water, sugar, salt & yeast are most commonly used as the main ingredients. You can also try it with meat or chicken.

9.Afghan Jalebi:

Afghan Jalebi

It is a very common sweet dish found in Afghanistan that also known as different names like Jilapi, Zalabia, mushabak that is primarily made by deep-frying plain or maida flour batter and soaked in sugar syrup can be served as cold or warm. It is commonly eaten with milk or curd.



It is one of the spicy traditional dishes of Afghanistan. White rice & meatballs are used as the main ingredients and this recipe is topped with garlic, onion & eggs. You can use lamb, beef, or chicken in meatballs according to your taste preference.


Top 10 best traditional afghan food recipes list

Last but not there are many more traditional recipes of Afghanistan like manto, korme kofta, boranee banjan, half mewa are some other famous traditional afghan food recipes.


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