Food And Eating Habits 3 Things You Should Know

Food And Eating Habits 3 Things You Should Know

Are you more curious about food and eating habits? Good foods make good health but it is not possible without good eating habits. Good eating habits keep you fit and keep away from harmful disease.

In the end, you are able to know what are the good food and eating habits that keep you fit and healthy. There is no doubt good food and eating habits give you a long-lasting healthy life.

What are 10 good eating habits?

Healthy habits not only help you to make you healthy but also keep develop your personality. Here are the 10 healthy habits you must try.

1. Use green vegetables in your daily good especially orange, green, and red vegetables.
2. Prefer water to drink and avoid soda.
3. Enjoy food with family and maintain a proper time of eating.
4. Good food does not give you full benefit until you can’t do some physical exercise.
5. Try less sugar in your food, it helps you keep away from diabetes.
6.Always prefer low-fat milk otherwise you may gain fat very fast.
7. Follow the diet plan according to your BMI (body, mass, and index).
8. Always prefer to eat low fat with high-calorie food.
9. Avoid fast food and prefer to eat homemade food.
10. Take a proper sleep so the food you eat, will digest effectively and supply a good amount of energy.

Food And Eating Habits 3 Things You Should Know

What are the 10 bad eating habits?

Your food habits really play a major role in keeping you healthy or unhealthy. So it is important to know what are the 10 bad habits you can avoid in your daily routine.

1. Love fast or junk food and eat without any mind.
2. Avoid green vegetables from their food menu and prefer to going outside good.
3. Not give any time to eat with the family.
4. Eat all the time and eat as much as possible without any worry.
5. Skipping breakfast and prefer snakes and biscuits.
6. Don’t give time to physical activities or exercise.
7. Prefer high-fat food items and eat unhealthy food.
8. Eating late at night and there is no proper time for eating.
9. Unhealthy lifestyle, there is no fixed time of sleeping and not follow their body clock.
10. Last but not least they not focus on hygiene while cooking or preparing the food.

Food And Eating Habits (3)Food And Eating Habits (3)

What is the child’s eating habits?

As a parent, it’s your responsibility that you teach your child good eating habits like:

1. Learn them how to respect elders.

2.Learn your child about the difference between green food and junk foods.

3. Make your child a habit of trying new healthy food on regular basis.

4.Cook food in front of them so they can understand the importance of food.

5. Learn your child the importance of food, so they can’t waste their food.

6. There is no doubt child is the copy of your action, so while eating sitting in a good position and eat food happily. So your child learns how they behave while eating the food.

Food And Eating Habits 3 Things You Should Know

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