Best Traditional American Foods Top 9 Must Try 2021

Best Traditional American Foods Top 9 Must Try 2021

Are you looking for the best traditional American foods? If you are an American food lover then you are coming to the right place, here you find top 9 best traditional Americans food, that encourages you to try atleast once, all these awesome, mouth-watering and delicious dishes.

There is no doubt America is world superpower not in terms of economy but also know for their traditional food and recipes. There is a never-ending list of desserts, recipes and dishes, but here you find top & best USA recipes.

Best traditional American foods:



There is no doubt American Cheeseburger is known for its mouth-watering taste & flavour, this is one of the most common traditional American foods.

Cheeseburger is easily available on lunch counter, traditional, gourmet, restaurant, cafe etc. Cheeseburger is basically made up of a burger with a slice of cheese on it, which served in the bread roll.



It is a very popular American food that originates from Mexico. The small hand size corn or wheat tortilla and filling are used as the main ingredient, you can use a different type of filling according to your taste like pork, seafood, chicken, beans, vegetables and cheese etc.

The versatility and varieties of tacos make them very popular among people. Tacos served with salad and it is directly eaten by hand. It is the most common Mexican street food.

3.Apple pie:

Apple pie

Apple pie is a very traditional American Sweet dish and it is the unofficial symbol of the United States as comfort food. In this sweet recipe, apple used as main ingredients and it is served with ice cream & cheddar cheese.

Apple pie mainly consists of sugar, sliced apple, buttery pastry with cream, that brings amazing tasty dessert.

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Best traditional American foods Top 9 Must Try

When you searching for traditional American foods like breakfast, then pancakes is one of the best choices for you. Pancakes are generally flat cakes, round in shape and prepared for starch-based butter. There are different varieties of pancakes are available there according to your taste and flavour.

5.Hot dogs:

hot dogs

It is also known as sausage because sausage is used as the main ingredient in form of streamed & grilled form and it is garnished with ketchup, mustard, onion, cheese, tomato & chilli.

Hot dogs come in popularity from 1893 in Chicago and currently, they are a very popular breakfast dish among American people.



This traditional snacks recipe comes from the Mexican region. It is generally made of up tortilla chips that are topped with melted cheese that is served with refried beans & hot peppers.

In America every year in the month of October international Nachos festival is celebrated. Nachos can be served with different toppings according to the taste and flavour of the person.

7.Philly cheesesteak:

Philly cheesesteak

Philly Cheesesteak is a very popular regional popular fast food and it basically comes from Pennsylvania, America. It is mainly made up of onion, melted cheese & thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak in a long roll form with a sandwich.

8. Chicken & waffles:

Chicken & waffles

It is a type of dessert that is a part of culinary tradition and Chicken & waffles are used as the main ingredient. It is also known as the soul food of America.

It served with different taste & flavour with butter, fried chicken and doused with maple syrup.

9.Barbecue ribs:

Barbecue ribs

It is one of the most famous American cuisines, it is also known as beef ribs or pork ribs. While making the barbecue ribs they were firstly roasted, grilled, fried, baked & finally smoked.

Before cooking the barbecue ribs the meat is rubbed or marinade with flavour, so at the after cooking its taste is awesome.

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