Best Indian Dessert Popular Indian Dessert Recipes (2021)

Best Indian Dessert Popular Indian Dessert Recipes (2021)

Are you a dessert lover & looking for best Indian dessert recipes, that are well known worldwide & mouth-watering?

When we talk about best Indian dessert, the list is huge, In India, there is a wide range variety of dessert is available from region to region & states to states.

So, here I am sharing with you some of the best Indian desserts that are very famous from all over India, so you have a good idea about tempting mouth-watering and delicious desserts that hard to ignore by anyone after having food or dinner.

Best Indian Dessert Recipes List:


1. Gajar ka halwa Or Indian Carrot Pudding:

Gajar ka halwa Or Indian Carrot Pudding


Gajar ka halwa is a most famous dessert, especially in North India. Mostly people prefer this halwa during winter or cold season.

Gajar ka halwa is not a very tasty dessert but also very healthy for the body. Grated carrot, condensed milk, sugar, golden varq and nuts are most commonly as an ingredient.

2.Gulab Jamun:

Gulab Jamun

There is no doubt Gulab Jamun is one of the most favourite desserts in India. It is a milk solid based sweet, made with khoya, saffron and sugar syrup.

3.Kheer Or Indian Rice Pudding:

Kheer Or Indian Rice Pudding

In Kheer, rice, sugar & milk are only core ingredients that are used to in preparation. It is majorly made in all over India. You can also add nuts & saffron to enrich the taste of kheer.

4.Malai Ghevar:

Malai Ghevar

It is a traditional dish of India, it is specially made during the Hindu month of Shravan and it originates from Rajasthan state. Maida, ghee, sugar syrup, saffron and cardamom powder, are used as the main ingredients.

5.Spiced Indian Cake Balls:

Spiced Indian Cake Balls

It is also known as roti laddu, this a buttery confection, easy to eat and very tasty. Ghee, jaggery, spice with roti are mainly used. Small child-like this spiced Indian cake ball som much.

6.Ras Malai:

Ras Malai

This is especially for dairy lovers, that is garnished by nuts & spices. Custard milk, saffron, sugar, Khoya are most commonly used as the main ingredients.



Jalebi is the national dessert of India and a most common dish that is in yellow-orange colour in pretzels in shape. Chickpea flour and sugar syrup are used as the main ingredients.

8.Bal Mitahi:

Bal Mitahi

It is the most famous dish in north India especially in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand Sates. It is made up of roasted khoya covered with sugar balls over it. Khoya, cane sugar & white sugar are the main ingredients.

9.Mysore Pak:

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is the most famous sweet of Karnataka. If you are a great dessert lover then you never miss the taste of Mysore Pak.

Mysore Pak is soft buttery fudge dessert. Baisan, Plain flour & sugar are used as the main ingredients.



It is most common sweet in India, that used on every occasion. It is a ball in shape, yellow & orange in colour. Chickpea flour, sugar crystal & cardamom are used as main ingredients.

11.Coconut Barfi:

Coconut Barfi

Coconut barfi is the most unique type of Indian dessert in which milk is not used. Grated Coconut, sugar syrup and cardamom are used as main ingredients.

12.Kaju Barfi :

Kaju Barfi

It is one of the most famous Indian desserts found all over India that is commonly used as an exchange sweet gift on special occasions. It is made up of cashew nut, milk and silver varq.



Now you have a good idea about the best Indian dessert or popular Indian dessert recipes. So when you have some free time or whenever you get a chance, just go outside, never miss a chance to try all these best Indian desserts. I am pretty sure you really enjoy the taste of all these mouth-watering desserts.

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